Offspring season 6 is finally happening. But we've lost two very important players.

Excited but trepidatious.

The show is coming back — cause for celebration, certainly — but it returns minus a very important person.

Series creator Debra Oswald is not going to be involved in Offspring series six.

Offspring — it’s back.

Oswald tweeted that she was pleased with the way the show wrapped up and wasn’t interested in resurrecting it.

“I’m happy with where we took the story by the end of Offspring 5, so I’ve chosen not to be part of S6,” she wrote on Sunday.

“I hope fans enjoy the new series.”

The show ended to the dismay of most of Australia in 2014, and now resumes to find our beloved protagonist Nina Proudman navigating single parenthood.

Writer Michael Lucas has also chosen not be be involved.

“Loved my years on Offspring and wish it well, but like Deb, I’m not involved with season 6,” he tweeted.

Season five, where we left them… Post continues after the video.


Hmmm. Without the deft touch of the people who gave these characters life, what will become of Nina and co?

Chief programming officer at Channel 10 Beverley McGarvey announced the return of Offspring on Sunday.

“There are so many more chapters left in Nina’s life,” she said.

“We paused her story just as she had bravely navigated motherhood as a single parent rediscovering the joy and romance of life, while dealing with her fabulously messy family as they went about their unpredictable daily lives.”

The pressure is really on for Channel 10 not to bugger this up — but it’s network television, not Netflix. It’s wronged us before.

What do you think? Should Channel 10 have left Offspring as a five-season series, or are you happy it’s been resurrected?

Mamamia reached out to Debra Oswald but she declined to comment further.