Where to buy Nina Proudman's fabulous jacket from last night's episode of Offspring.

Nina Proudman’s wardrobe has long been an attraction for Offspring fans (especially since Patrick left – RIP his beautiful soul) but this season, things have been a little different.

She’s been wearing many wide-legged and culotte-style pants, for a start. But the boho-loving, colourful Nina that we know and love has finally returned, four episodes in.

If you thought her amazing fringed white flannel jacket from last week was good (and clearly many people did considering it sold out twice) then you’re going to enjoy this one.

The standout piece? Her black embroidered tasseled jacket.

Image: Channel 10

Unlike many other pieces of Nina's that we fall in love with - including that gorgeous kimono at the end of the episode - it isn't vintage, from an old season, or yet to be released. Yep, it's in stores and in stock right now. For now.

According to Channel 10, it's the Tigerlily Sateurs Jacket, $169.95 available exclusively at David Jones.

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With long sleeves, a tied open front with multiple tassels and burgundy and white embroidered detailing, it could be worn as a light jacket or even a top - although you'd probably need a singlet or T-shirt underneath.

Image: David Jones

Hurry though - if past experiences are anything to go by, this won't stay in stock long.


Image: Channel 10

What was your favourite piece from last night's episode?

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