Offspring fashion: How to dress like Nina Proudman (and where to buy).


Can we all just agree that season five of Offspring is the best season yet?

Ok, Patrick is no longer with us but he sure does give good ghost; the cheeky asides, the baby holding, that love scene from episode one.

But the interesting plot lines, complex characters, talented cast and good-looking male actors aside, there’s one other thing we love about watching Offspring: Nina’s wardrobe.

Offspring’s stylist, Michael Chisolm, has nailed Nina’s mix of both comfort and style, bohemian and practical. They’re clothes we’d wear if we actually were Nina Proudman. Scratch that, they’re just the clothes we like to wear full stop.

Since the episodes are filmed months in advance (and anything Nina wears sells out in seconds once fashion sleuths track the items down) the chances of us picking up the same pieces are slim. But here are Nina-inspired outfit ideas you can shop now.

1. Maxi skirts.

When the designers at Binny heard that Asher Keddie would be wearing their ‘Thrill from Brazil’ maxi skirt in season five, they recut the design especially. It’s still available (in small sizes) on their website now, but be quick!

SHOP: Binny Thrill from Brazil maxi skirt, $250 buy here. Tigerlily Cairo maxi skirt, $99 buy here.

2. Denim jackets.

SHOP:  SoCal denim jacket, $50.97 buy here.

3. Embroidered blouses.

SHOP: Denim & Supply By Ralph Lauren Embroidered Peasant Top, buy here. Free People Silver Springs top, buy here.

4. Skinny scarves.

SHOP: Seed Tiger Print scarf, buy here. Free People Fine Gauge come along scarf, buy here.

5. Tall boots.

SHOP: I Love Billy Cognac boots, buy here.  I Love Billy Tetley boots, buy here.

6. Skinny jeans.

SHOP: Mavi Sophie skinny jean buy here. Levi Progressive Demi Curve skinny jean buy here.

Images courtesy of Channel 10.

Also, Offspring writers? I’d like to get through at least one episode this season without crying.  And how promising is Nina’s love life looking? Tom or Leo?