The Offspring babies making us crazy clucky.

Offspring’s newest stars are the twins who play Nina’s daughter, Zoe. And we’re as keen on her wardrobe as we are on Nina’s…

We’re loving that Offspring is back, and that we now have cute babies to ga-ga over while we weep.

Nina and Patrick’s daughter Zoe is played by Melbourne twins Willow and Mia Sindle, and they are at the heart of this new season. As we watch Nina try and move on from Patrick’s death we see her embracing motherhood with a lot of help from her sister Billie.

Not only are the Sindle twins gorgeous, as Zoe they wear the most adorable clothes and mums are clamouring to buy Zoe’s tops, onesies and jackets.

Fashion is one of the reasons we watch Offspring . Asher Keddie’s wardrobe as Nina is floaty and boho, in contrast to her sister Billie’s power suits and dresses. Now Zoe Reed is providing the junior fashion inspiration, wearing gorgeous baby clothes from a number of Aussie designers.

We can tell you that many of Zoe’s clothes from Episode One came from Victorian-based Oishi-m. Fashion website Styling You is keeping a close eye on Zoe wardrobe this season and promises to keep us informed of where to buy the clothes. So far it’s been kimonos and vintage fabrics. Very cute.

Jodie Sindle, mum of Willow and Mia, says she is a huge Offspring fan and is delighted her girls were chosen to play baby Zoe. She says sometimes it’s difficult to juggle filming with their naps but they usually manage.

“When one wasn’t up to it, the other one was usually OK — there were no real disasters, actually,” she told the Herald Sun.

Here is a collection of our favourite Zoe outfits so far from Offspring. There will be plenty more to come.

Do you get inspired to buy kids’ clothes by TV shows?