The horrifying theory about Offspring's new leading man.


Recently, while delving into the quirky world that is Offspring, I made a frightening discovery.

It wasn’t the fact that Nina’s fabulous white fringe jacket sold out before my sweaty little fingers could jump into the online Flannel store and scoop one up. Or the fact that Nina and Clegg acted out what can only be described as a Cirque du Soleil themed series of sexual acts in a communal hospital elevator.

No, this discovery went above and beyond that of failed fashion opportunity and awkward swaps of bodily fluid.

I’m talking about last Offspring’s newest male addition, the man positioned to be Nina’s next potential love connection. The overly flirtatious specimen known as Dr. Angus Freeman.

Listen to the horrifying theory behind Angus’ arrival here.

It’s clear that we as the audience are meant to feel a sense of excitement around Angus’ arrival. He’s being portrayed by the fabulous Dan Wyllie, who starred opposite Asher Keddie in the Australian TV drama Love My Way.

He and Nina had quite the classic meet-cute scenario, they are colleagues who start out at odds and then share a mutual moment of affection and personal growth, while overcoming a seemingly impossible obstacle. In this case, a tricky birth.

It’s got all the makings of gooey TV love goodness and yet, something seems really off.

The hard truth is that young Angus appears to have just wandered onto the set of Offspring fresh from a guest appearance on Criminal Minds.

It’s not that I wouldn’t be into watching that special crossover TV event, I would. It’s just…I’m not sure that’s exactly where this new crop of Offspring writers were meaning to go with this.


Image via Channel 10.

He lurks beside Nina in the hospital hallways, and makes intense, unblinking eye contact with her whenever they converse. The way his eyes rake over her blonde hair is meant to make viewers feel like he wants to run his hands through it as they disappear into the sunrise. But really, he's probably just figuring out how to snag a lock of it so he can it to the trophy box he keeps under his bed.

In his lair.

I mean, he essentially says to Nina, 'Even though you don't want to have sex with me, I'm going to change your mind.'

At this point, it seems like he's either going to marry her or lock her in a dungeon.

Time will tell.

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