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We tried V.I.Poo to fix a common office toilet problem.

Thanks to our brand partner, V.I.Poo

Shared office toilets can bring out the best and worst in people. The best? The respectful types who treat the toilet as if it were one of Kim and Kanye’s gold-plated loos in their Bel Air mansion. The worst? The secret culprits whose bathroom etiquette quite literally leaves a bad smell in the air.

In a previous workplace, there was a phantom who left newspapers in their wake, whom we dubbed “The Newspooper” (not affectionately). Another spent so much time in the toilet that colleagues joked they were taking “time in loo”.

Let’s be real, number twos don’t always smell like roses. And in the office, this can be a less-than-rosy issue to talk about.

So, we conducted an experiment on our unisex loo at Mamamia (which, for the record, is in good shape, but you never rest on your laurels!). The challenge? To turn everyone into a toilet VIP with the help of a new pocket-sized pre-poo toilet spray called V.I.Poo. Roll out the red-carpet, folks!

VIPoo, save us. Image: Mamamia.

Yes, the name gives you a schoolgirl giggle. And yes, pre-poo toilet spray exists. Unlike post-poo toilet spray, this stuff traps the smell before it even gets out of the bowl. It doesn't even get a chance to exist.

Here's how it works: You spray in the toilet bowl generously* before you sit down. V.I.Poo creates a fragrance protective layer, so you don't have to sheepishly leave a cubicle like you were guilty of something. What is this sorcery?

Our office V.I.Poo angels sprayed two loos with V.I.Poo's Lemon Idol and Fruity Pin-Up sprays, and wrangled our busy colleagues to the bathroom to, uh, stop and smell the roses (or lemons).

Here's what they had to say:

Rikki Waller, Sales Manager

Image: Supplied.

"Oh what is that? It's so fresh, it smells like lemons. Lemon meringue pie. This would be perfect for a dinner party when heaps of guests are coming over when the toilet's really close to the kitchen." (V.I.Poo Lemon Idol)

Clare Stephens, Weekend Editor

Image: Supplied

"Mmm. It smells like…fruity. Or like lollies. I really like it. Because it's not like a typical air freshener where you put it in your bathroom and it smells like you've sprayed air freshener. It smells like you genuinely have a nice smelling bathroom." (V.I.Poo Fruity Pin-Up)

Keryn Donnelly, Weekend Producer

"It smells like springtime. The Garden of Eden in springtime. It'd be really useful in share houses, I think." (V.I.Poo Fruity Pin-Up) *A day later: "The bathroom still smells really good!"

Adam Bub, Commercial Editor

Image: Supplied

"It's kinda like Lemon Starburst, but fresher. Maybe a lemon farm. An organic one. I like the name…do they have VIPee too?" (V.I.Poo Lemon Idol)

Amy Clark, Editorial Assistant

Amy Clark. Image supplied.

"It kinda smells a bit like perfume, which is nice. Very fresh. I would definitely use it in the office bathroom situation because that causes so much anxiety. It'd just be really good for peace of mind." (V.I.Poo Fruity Pin-Up)

Kelly Glover, Podcast Producer

"It smells like a rainforest, actually. Like a rainforest day spa smell." (V.I.Poo Lemon Idol)

Joshua Britt, Social Producer

Image: Supplied

"Citrussy. It smells like fresh fruit. I want to use it for my cat too (who happens to be Australia's most famous Instagram cat, @frostofficial)." (V.I.Poo Lemon Idol)

*Note: This is purely an opinion. This product should not be used for cat litter.

Clare Gerber, Video Producer

Image: Supplied.

"Smells like flowers mixed with bubblegum. It's quite potent. Definitely good for a date night when you're trying to keep the romance alive." (V.I.Poo Fruity Pin-Up)

The V.I.Poo verdict

So it's a bit of a hit in our office restroom/lavatory/powder room/whatever you want to call it. We'll have to try the Rosy Starlet one too if we literally want to smell like roses. But lemon and fruity will more than do the trick.

As a few of our V.I.Poo guinea pigs have noted, this little 55mL spray is useful in any on-the-go environment where your bodily functions need coverage. Date night with the new almost-boyfriend. Share house living. Swanky soirées with people to impress. It's small enough to make absolutely no dent in your handbag (or suit jacket pocket, guys), so awkward crises can be quickly averted.


Now my colleagues have no excuse. We stand together, vigilant.

Sent direct from the poo gods. Image: Mamamia.

What's your top toilet tip at work? Share with us below.

*Use as directed.

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner V.I.Poo.