Off-grid parents appear nonplussed as their toddler wees on live TV.

We all know that when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go, but on national television?

Appearing on the UK’s Today Show, British couple Adele and Matt Allen were explaining their “off-grid parenting” style to hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes when their youngest child, one-year-old daughter Ostara, began to wee on the studio floor.

Clearly not wearing a nappy, Ostara casually walked away from her parents momentarily, weed in front of the studio’s camera crew, and then returned to the group when finished.

off-grid parenting

Ostara moves away from her family to go to the toilet. Source: ITV / Youtube.

And despite furtive glances from Langsford and Holmes, the parents seemed completely nonplussed by the event.

The parents - who currently call Brighton home - explained their style of parenting while on the show, saying that both Ostara and her five-year-old brother Ulysses still breastfeed, do not attend school or pre-school and have never visited a doctor.

Naturally, the internet nearly imploded upon the episode being aired.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the off-grid parenting segment. Source: Twitter.

"These are the kids you see smashing things & the parents are like 'oh they're just expressing themselves' #offgridparenting #thismorning" one viewed tweeted.

"Clearly this off-grid parenting doesn't work. Look how unruly their kids are due to having no rules #thismorning," another commented.

Others, however, found the segment refreshing and came to the defence of the family-of-four.

"So refreshing to see these parents doing what feels natural rather than confronting," one Twitter-user shared.

"#thismorning why are people so horrified that the children are jumping around, being breastfed and weeing?!" another asked, continuing, "All natural parts of being kids."

Video via This Morning

During the segment, 32-year-old Adele admitted that when the children suffered from scarlet fever and chicken pox, the decision was made to treat the illness naturally.

"We believe in the body to self heal," the mother-of-two said, adding, "If you support the body's healing through supplements and herbs then you it will heal. I don't believe that bringing a fever down artificially helps the body. I believe a fever is there for a purpose to clean the body out."

A number of Twitter users came out in support of the off-grid parenting style. Source: Twitter.

The parents also shared that despite his age, Ulysses does not attend school and will not unless he asks to do so.

Instead, he spends his days at home and playing outside in the family's garden.

"He is a highly sensitive child so he does struggle with getting overwhelmed easily so it's important for him not to have strong, authoritarian discipline," the parents went on to explain, adding that they hope to one day move abroad and live fully-self sustainably.