15 of the oddest engagement rings of all time.

Dearly beloved,

Welcome. Take a seat. Grab a cup of tea and some biscuits. Prepare your body and mind to say “WTF” a lot.

Ready? Okay.

We are gathered here today to bask in the quirky radiance of 15 engagement rings. Engagement rings of such a calibre that, before today, they would have been beyond my wildest dreams. Pink ones. Themed ones. Seemingly lethal ones. Ones that make my mum’s oh-look-the-diamonds-are-side-by-side-how-cool-is-that ring look vanilla AF.

Here at Mamamia HQ, we have scoured the strange, scary interwebz, and can now present to you the kookiest engagement jewellery the world has to offer. If you can beat these, we’d love to see your suggestions in the comments (you won’t be able to, but be my guest and try anyway).