What's your obsessive THING?

Hungry? For order!

My routine is sacrosanct. I’m about as spontaneous as a house brick.

Mess with it unnecessarily and I will hold a grudge that lasts longer than diamonds.

There is, it must be said, a delicate trade-off in my life between the things about which I am obsessively ordered and neat … and those things which I am not. My office desk, for example, looks like a paper store exploded on top of it but during exams I used to fastidiously line up my pages, ruler and pens with the edge of the desk before I could begin.

Remember when a teacher cleaned the blackboard during class and missed a bit? It didn’t just bug me, it consumed me.

Oh, and let’s not even speak of my food quirks and requirements. Shhh.

I’m a contradiction, but only if it’s stacked in identical columns.

Swiss artist and comedian, Ursus Wehrli, known for his Tidying Up Art

books (where he tidies up famous artwork, such as Van Gogh’s Room or Botticelli’s Beach by carefully rearranging them) has returned with a new project which appeals to my burning desire for order in the world. In his forthcoming book, The Art of Clean Up he brings his passion for sorting things to everyday life and objects.

This gallery will astound. Clever.

What are you obsessive about?