Every question the Obamas must definitely answer in their newly-announced memoirs.

There’s been a Barack and Michelle Obama shaped hole in our lives since the former first couple handed over the keys to the White House in January.

It’s been a stressful couple of months, not least because Donald Trump is proving to be exactly the kind of President he absolutely told us all he would be. Sigh.

But, here’s some news to distract you from the dull ache in your chest and draw your mind from the Trump’s first address to Congress:

The Obamas are back, baby.

Missed you guys. Source: Instagram

The pair has signed a deal to each deliver a memoir, written separately, with publishers reportedly bidding up to $60 million for the honour.

Penguin Random House secured the contract for an undisclosed amount but, look, we reckon it's made the $15 million Bill Clinton got look like pocket change.

Obama has penned a few books in his time and it's likely his latest will draw on the journals he kept while in office.

His wife, however, has been relatively silent about her time as First Lady and we can't WAIT to read about it

Sure, there'll be meaningful reflections on the state of the world and behind-the-scene blow-by-blows of some of the biggest political moments of the past eight years.

But, don't you just secretly want the answers to all the niggling questions you have?


Was it jewellery? A mug? Dear God, will we EVER know?!!

Also, we have to ask, are there any good hiding spots in the White House? Did they ever play a good old fashioned game of hide-and-seek?

Did they really change the Wi-Fi password before Trump moved in?

On a scale of 0 to pregnant-just-from-thinking-about-it, how cute was Prince George's tiny bathrobe in real life?

Prince George meets The President and First Lady of the United States.

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Did dogs Bo or Sunny ever poo in the Oval Office?

Do Sasha and Malia ever fight?

And, honestly, if they had to choose, what was their favourite late-night, chef-made snack for when they got home a lil tipsy after official functions?

(Don't say almonds, Obama. Just do not.)

In all seriousness, though, the Obamas have also promised to donate one million books in their name to not-for-profit First Book and are also expected to give a significant portion of the remaining profits to charity.

Oh, how things have changed.