This is what "street harassment" is like if you're a man (hint: nothing like harassment.)

Yesterday, a video went viral of a woman being harassed over 100 times as she walked the streets of New York City.

Inspired by his girlfriend Shoshana Roberts, who told him about what was happening to her every day, video director Rob Bliss collaborated with not-for-profit  movement Hollaback to film her walking around for 10 hours — capturing the continuous verbal harassment by men directed towards her.

In case you missed the video, here it is:

This morning, another video is doing the rounds — but this time, it features a guy walking the streets of NYC to document the kind of “street harrassment” he experiences.

Except the types of comments, stares and calls he attracts in this video is, well, a little different to those directed at women.

Take a look at the (kind of hilarious, and kind of sad) satirical video by Funny Or Die here:

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