People are now dyeing their hair with Nutella and the results are dreamy.


Just when you finally thought you’d mastered all the weird and wonderful beauty trends of 2016, along comes this little gem: apparently you can now use Nutella to dye your hair a beautiful hazelnut hue.

Why anyone would want to use a perfectly good, perfectly edible jar of Nutella for anything other than GETTING IT IN THEIR MOUTH ASAP is beyond us, but Nutella dyeing is the new big beauty thing.


A salon in the United Arab Emirates posted a video to their Instagram account of their less-than-conventional technique, which has now been viewed more than one million times in just three days.

Emirati beauty blogger Huda Kattan trialled the technique, expressing her own amazement that the chocolate concoction worked to change the colour of her hair.

This...this actually looks kind of amazing. Image via Instagram.

And cocoa goodness isn't the only sweet food being used in this treatment. Stylist Abed Allahitani uses three dollops of Nutella and a drizzle of condensed milk as part of his technique, and we would totally be drooling over that combination if it WASN'T BEING USED ON SOMEONE'S HAIR.

Nutella + condensed milk = hair dye. Who knew? Image via Instagram.

While we're sure there are plenty of using this delicious technique - less of those nasty chemicals, and a more subtle hue, we're guessing - there's only one thing we want to do when we get our hands on a jar of the good stuff: get it in our bellies.