A nun complains of stomach pains. It was not gluten intolerance.

In news that would surprise even the Pope, a nun has given birth just hours after finding out that she was pregnant.

But what’s more surprising is that this is the second case of its kind in a year.

No need to stress though, we doubt very much that “miraculous conception” is a trend that’s likely to catch on.

According to Italian newspaper The Local the nun, whose name and age have not been revealed, went to hospital complaining of severe stomach pains.

When doctors investigated, they arrived at a surprising diagnosis: the sister was pregnant.

A few hours later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, whom she named Francis, after the Pope. The new mother is doing just fine. Shocked, probably, but otherwise fine. Apparently the convent has expressed interest in raising baby Francis.

While the birth came as a surprise to the nun and her convent, it is thought that she was unknowingly pregnant before she took her vows.

“The relationship advice I never expected from a nun.”

In a similarly awkward situation last year, nun Roxana Rodriguez gave birth to a baby boy while living in a convent in Campomoro.

In much the same way as this weeks’ birth unfolded, Roxana was admitted to hospital with stomach pains only to have give birth to a boy just hours later. (We’d like to say she gave birth in a manger, surrounded by some very wise people, but that’s not quite how it went down).

Almost how things went down. Almost.

After naming her new son Francesco, also after the Pope, Roxana also revealed that she’d run into an old boyfriend whilst on a trip home to El Salvador to renew her passport. Indeed.

Looks like we can rest assured that this was a miraculous tale of misconception.