Orlando Bloom went completely nude at the beach and we have no idea why.

Just when you were thinking that you haven’t heard any updates on Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s relationship in a while, BAM, we’re hit with a whole bunch of nude photos.


Photographs have emerged of the Lord Of The Rings actor taking a relaxing beach holiday in Sardina, Italy with his singer girlfriend… except he is entirely in the buff. Because everyone knows you can’t relax while you’re wearing pants, obvs.

Yep, that’s Orlando Bloom – who was previously married to model Miranda Kerr – taking a paddle across the ocean, sans pants. Oar-some. And of course, they’ve been published online for all the world to see. While he was wearing board shorts at the beginning of their date, he later let it all hang out, stripping off as he paddled Katy around the ocean.


While we could go overboard with the pantless puns, we’re going to keep things classy, put on our investigate journalism hats and ask the big questions.



It’s unclear whether the beach where the actor stripped off was even a nude beach. Judging by the fact Katy Perry remained fully clothed (or at least, partly covered up in a bikini), and the pictures show Orlando slipping back into his shorts to hang with friends on the beach after his nude splash, we’re going to go with no.

Perhaps he was simply trying to even out his full body tan. No-one likes a tan line, and Orlando may just be sensitive about having a pale peen.

Hey, at least he’s being sun smart and wearing a hat, right? Slip, slop, slap and all that.