A nudie calendar from a retirement home will make your day.

This has to be the funnest retirement village on the planet.

Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living in Barberton, Ohio, have made a calendar to raise money for charity.

Nude. A nude calendar. Those grandmas sure are cheeky.

Wilma, 94, Jo, 90 and Sylvia, 87, stripping off for charity.

“They were just laughing and having a great time doing it,” said one staff member from the home. “It was a way for them to feel young again.”

Dottie, 87. Doing it like a lady.

Ninety-four-year-old Wilma Purvis told the Huffington Post that she remembered thinking ‘Oh my golly!’ as she de-robed.

Classic Wilma.

Nice balls for Maxine, 98.


Proceeds from the calendar are going to the Esther Ryan Shoe Fund, a charity that finds shoes and boots for needy children in Barberton Schools.

They have already sold 400 calendars, and ordered another 500 more. Yep, sex sells.

88-year-old Velda shows her lucky charms.


We had a look on YouTube and actually found that this is not even the funniest thing that Pleasant Pointe Assisted Living has done. They also have a hilarious spoof video of Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.

We guarantee you: This will make you smile. And make you sign up to retire at Pleasant Pointe.