A new way to ensure the people working with your children are keeping them safe.

Since 2013, 723 people have been barred from working with children in NSW. That’s 723 people who had previously passed an official Working With Children Check, only to offend against those in their care.

It’s just one part of the reason that the Office of the Children’s Guardian has today announced the launch Child Safe eLearning, a comprehensive online resource designed to help organisations build their capacity to identify and prevent abuse.

The head of the independent state government agency, NSW Children’s Guardian Kerryn Boland, told Mamamia the initiative is a significant step forward in empowering organisations to prevent that number from climbing.

“We’ve said it for a long time; we’ve said that the Working With Children Check is one tool in suite of things that need to be done to keep kids safe,” she said.

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Now you can ensure the people caring for your kids are keeping them safe. (iStock)

"But I think that figure highlights that it really is everyone's business, and there needs to be vigilance in a workplace or an environment where kids are."

The resource, which forms part of a broader Child Safe Strategy for NSW, offers free, 24-hour training to staff and volunteers working with children around the state at the click of a button.

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It contains eight modules with information and practical advice based on some of key issues the OCG has observed over the past four years. Among them how to identify and respond to potential risks, and how to spot child grooming.

According to Boland, the latter is one of the biggest areas of concern for organisations.

"It's a very vexxed and complex area and we've done our very, very best to explain how you could identify that without being alarmist," she said.

While it's aimed at sports clubs, schools, church groups and so on, the resource is also available to parents, as is the capacity to ensure staff in contact with their children have a current Working With Children Check.

nsw child safe organisations
The online resource contains information on how to identify child grooming. Image: supplied.

"The E-modules obviously help parents with what questions to ask of an organisation," she said.

"It's about assuring yourself that this is a safe place for my kids."

The OCG has processed more than 1.4 million Working With Children Checks since 2013, and the feed is monitored daily for registered people who offend.

To access the Child Safe Organisations eLearning resource visit this link.

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