What the cast of 'Now and Then' looks like now... (and then).


We’re taking a look back at the 90s classic that shaped our childhoods.

It has been 20 years since Now and Then hit our screens (VCR television sets, that is). Yes, you heard correctly. 20 years. Anyone else feeling old yet?

The classic coming-of-age film follows four women who remember the pivotal summer they spent together as adolescents in 1970. It taught us some incredibly valuable life lessons, like how to tape your boobs and that Nancy Sinatra was a babe who wore short shorts and tall boots. Obviously.

It also taught us everything we know about sex.


The cast are made up of some familiar faces, and some not so much. For nostalgia reasons, we’re looking back at the stars Gaby Hoffmann, Christina Ricci, Ashleigh Aston Moore, and Thora Birch, who have all grown up. A lot. Because that’s what happens when 20 years goes by.

The cast of Now and Then.


Gaby Hoffmann.

Hoffmann played Samantha in the 1995 movie. She was a serial child actress, staring in heaps of films and commercials to help pay her parents bills – classic Hollywood. You probably recognise her face from everyone’s favourite show Girls, where she now plays Adam’s crazy, neurotic sister who doesn’t believe in shaving and likes home births. She lives in Brooklyn with her long-time boyfriend and baby girl Rosemary.


Christina Ricci.

It’s doubtful you’ve forgotten her face because Ricci is still incredibly famous. She played tough tomboy Roberta and was one of the world’s biggest child stars. She is probably best known as her role as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family. Since Now and Then, she has been in a dozen films and shows including Casper, Monster, Lolita and Aly McBeal. Christina is married to cameraman James Heerdegen and recently gave birth to their son.

Ashleigh Aston Moore

After playing Chrissy in Now and Then, and dabbling in a few small television shows and commercials, the Canadian actress decided to stop acting. In 2007 and aged 26, Ashleigh passed away from an accidental heroin overdose in British Columbia.

Thora Birch.

Thora, who played Teeny, has had a successful career in acting since the movie. She has appeared in heaps of movies including Alaska, Train, Ghost World, American Beauty (which went on to win an Oscar). She has taken a step back from film, and is currently seeking production support for a screenplay.


We suggest you cancel your Saturday night plans, dust this off from your collection and spend your night reminiscing on those four girls riding their bikes. 


Click through the gallery below to see the other famous faces who starred in the film and how they look today.

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