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"Sorry I hit your car. It's s**t anyway".

There are two kinds of drivers in this world: the ones who cut and run when they reverse into your car, and the ones who leave a note.

But as it turns out, the latter aren’t always as virtuous as we might think.

Case in point, this note found shoved under the windscreen of a Jeep Wrangler in Sydney’s inner east:

“Sorry I hit your car there’s no scratches but someone was watching me. Your cars sh** anyway. Shouldn’t of blocked me in. Learn how to park c*** xx. [sic]”


Sydney man Nayte Howarth spotted the backhanded apology yesterday evening while walking through the suburb of Green Square, near Mascot train station.

“I was walking past the Jeep and I saw this really large piece of paper that looked kind of crumpled,” the 29-year-old health supplements wholesaler told Mamamia.

“I just looked out of pure snoopy curiosity. When I read it, I have to admit, I laughed. On one hand I thought, ‘Oh wow, that’s absolutely terrible I can’t believe that someone would do that’. But then at the same time I’m in Sydney and it doesn’t surprise me because people here are pretty ruthless.”

note sydney car
Worst. Apology. Ever. Image: Nayte Howarth.

Earlier this month we reported on another brutal note left to a driver, coincidentally, of a Jeep.

The hit and run driver from the US wrote:

“I’m leaving this note because I accidentally backed into your car and some lady is watching me. I want to make her think I’m leaving you my insurance information when really I don’t care."

Howarth said the Jeep Wrangler near the Mascot train station had several marks on it, so he was unable to tell whether the author was telling the truth about leaving the car unscathed.

Not that it would excuse the snarky #sorrynotsorry attitude.

"Regardless of how badly someone has parked [you] in it doesn't give you the right to damage their car," he argued.