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"How dare you": The rude note a young mum with cystic fibrosis found on her car.

A young mum with cystic fibrosis has shared a note she received from a stranger accusing her of taking a disabled car parking space.

When Toni Parkin returned to her car at The Coffee Club, Nepean Square in Penrith on Saturday, she was shocked to find a rude message on her windscreen from a clearly outraged passer-by.

“You inconsiderate b–ch,” it read.

“How dare you park in disabled parking. One day you may need this spot.”

The note Toni found on her car. (Image via Facebook/Toni Parkin.)

What the author of the note didn't seem to notice, however, was that Toni's disabled parking permit was on full display, entitling her to that spot.

Angered by the note, the Sydney woman wrote a Facebook post addressing its anonymous author.

"To the ignorant idiot who wrote this, if only you knew my story," she began.

"I guess you could not take the two seconds to note my disabled parking permit.

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"You obviously saw me get out of my car but yet could not have the balls to approach me."

Toni said she hoped the stranger could be better educated.

"I really hope you learn that disabilities come in all shapes and sizes, hopefully, one day you will not know what is like to need one of these."

Cystic fibrosis is a genetic condition that primarily affects sufferers' lungs and digestive system. People living with the illness are prone to infection and often need to undergo intensive daily physiotherapy to keep on top of it. Lung failure is a major cause of death for someone with CF, according to Cystic Fibrosis Australia.

Mamamia reached out to Toni for comment.