Not sure why but I like it.

Here are the Sex girls at the premiere of their movie last night. Yes, I’m aware that SJP looks like she may have stapled a pot plant to her forehead but I adore that she takes some risks.

How sad would we have been if she’d turned up in a strapless black Armani frock, huh? HUH??

In honour of SJP and her daring fashion choices, I’m going to take some risks with the masthead this week. So strap a seatbelt around your eyeballs.

And also, how fucking great to see four women in their 40s and 50s (Kim) looking hot and sexy. Woo hoo for that. Puts the tacky young Hollywood rehab crew to shame.


Front and back shots of SJP’s Alexander McQueen prom dress after the jump.

Source: Daily Mail

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