If your social media feed is full of hate and fear this week, you need this campaign.

not in my name.
An image from the Not In My Name campaign video.





Images of the terror, rage and fear whipped up by the Islamic State have dominated social media feeds all week.

It feels like the world needs some good news — which is why we’re so pleased the hashtag #notinmyname is going viral.

The campaign involves young, peace-loving Muslims around the world taking a stand against hatred and fear by holding up signs denouncing the hateful acts of the Islamic State.

Founded by British charity Active Change, the campaign aims to demonstrate that Islam is about love and peace — and the Islamic State’s ideology of hate does not represent the religion.

Click through to see some of the #notinmyname campaign images:


In a video promoting the campaign, young British Muslims speak straight to camera as if addressing Islamic State leaders, reciting various reasons they will not tolerate the group carrying out acts of terror in their name.

“The ISIS do not represent Islam or any Muslim,” one young Muslim woman says to the camera.

A meme that has been circulating on social media in recent weeks.


“Because you’re totally un-Islamic,” a young man says.

“Because you’re killing innocent people,” one woman says.

“Because my religion promotes tolerance for women and you have no respect for me,” explains one girl.

A young Muslim woman then addresses the camera, asking her fellow Muslims to unite in their attempts to stop the Islamic State from causing further damage.

It’s a powerful message that, in this time of fear and uncertainty, is resonating with many.

It’s also a brave message, given that — as one Australian Muslim mother-of-four told Mamamia last week, some Muslims are “scared” of speaking out about the issue because they fear harrassment and abuse.

“I know people keep saying the Muslim community needs to come out and say something, but I actually think most of us are scared,” she said.

“Every time a terrorist does something in the name of Islam, my reaction is true sadness that this is the sort of media attention my religion is getting”, she said.

“(T)hen it turns into anger, and I think these people make life so hard for those of us that are just trying to do the right thing”.

Watch the video here:

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