"I'm putting a ban on birthday parties for my kids."

They get out of control and cost a fortune, I’ve had enough.

For the last seven years we’ve pretty much had a party for each of our kids every year.

Well this year my fiancé and I have decided to put a stop to it. We’ve decided we are not throwing parties for our kids this year. They don’t need them.


Because parties are ridiculous these days that’s why.

And expensive. Oh my god, so damn expensive.

We haven’t really had big fancy parties either, it’s normally at home or a play centre but it still adds up.

Most play centre parties are at least $15-20/head, and most years my kids have invited about 15, or more, kids. Particularly in kindergarten when so many kids invite the whole class (we did).

Then you have the cake, I make mine myself but by the time I buy all the ingredients and decorations I’m lucky to get change from $100.

Oh and don’t forget the party bags. Or as I refer to them expensive-crap-filled-bags-filled-with-sugar and-toys. Even if you are buying small lollies, novelty stationary and a small toy for the party bags you’re still looking at $5 a pop, normally more.

Be warned. This may be the reaction when you tell them.

And you'd think that would be enough but no. You can't forget the cups and plates and napkins (which, sure, some party places provide, at an extra charge of course).

This, as all parents know, is just the basics. That's not including any other food you are providing, games or themed items which are all the rage these days.


Basically once you've added it up parents are looking (and I'm being conservative here) at a minimum $300 and more realistically between $500-$800 per party. PER PARTY.  So if you are have 3 kids you're probably spending $1500, or more, each year on parties.

That's enough for a family holiday! An overseas family holiday too.

After doing the sums we decided enough is enough. No parties this year.

They get spoilt as it is. Obviously, they'll still get presents from us for their actual birthday and the grandparents and aunties and uncles spoil them rotten too. That is more than enough.

We've told them, and we gave them plenty or warning and they are, now, okay with the idea. Although Master turning-7 has his birthday on a Saturday and has asked to see his two best friends that day instead of a big party.

I'm still considering it.

What I do know is this year we are firmly placing a party ban and I know my wallet and my sanity are definitely agreeing with me.

Do your kids have a birthday party every year? 

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