The proof it was a better idea to leave North at home this time.

What would you say to Kim and Kanye about North’s public meltdowns? This is one Aussie Mum’s personal letter to Kim Kardashian.

Dear Kim,

We are all about supporting other Mums here. You find yourself with a nappy blow out and no spare huggies in your baby bag well I’m ya gal.

You need someone to hold your pram while you duck off to the public loo – happy to help.

Struggling with getting your groove back with Kanye post birth, I tell you girlfriend I am your shoulder to unload on.

No I don't want your organic jelly beans I just want to go home. Image via Getty.

Us Mums we stick together - forget what you read on Facebook, we are a united team - Mums know what other Mums are going through.

So please Kim I ask you to take this advice with the generous nature with which I offer it.

Next time you and Kanye are headed out to a hip fashion show at New York Fashion week, Paris Fashion Week - hell, any fashion week - take a moment and stop before you totter to the limo in your Christian Louboutin Pumps.

Take a moment. Stop and re-consider. Do you really want to pull North out of her Ikea high chair, pry the bowl previously filled with baked beans out of her clammy little fist and remove her Bonds-all-in-one to dress her in scratchy black designer duds.

As you wipe the remains of Heinz mashed pumpkin and lamb off her chubby cheeks watch her carefully.

Posing with Beyonce moments before meltdown one.

Do her eyes immediately turn towards her $375 silk Oscar de la Renta dress or are they fixated on the wind up Fisher Price phone? Does she really gravitate towards her Giuseppe Zanotti custom-made shoes or is she more interested in upturning the contents of the Tupper wear drawer, or donning some Peppa Pig gum boots and stomping in a muddy snow puddle?

Cause Kim I am here to tell you there ain't a single 20-month old in the entire world who would prefer to be at a fashion show watching unrecognisable and potentially frightening looking models when she could be chilling on her Barney couch eating the foot of a plastic doll.

We are all behind you Kim in this great journey of motherhood – and we have all been there with the toddler meltdowns.

If we all just ignore her maybe she will stop..

Usually it can be resolved with a hastily purchased kinder surprise as you run through the Woolies checkout, teeth gritted and obscenities-never-spoken out loud streaming through your mind.

So we feel for you Kim, as obviously front row in a fashion show isn’t the type of place you could quickly get your hands on chocolate (though I'm sure many a choice word is spoken there).

Two times in as many days poor North has been subjected to the noise and heat and thunderous applause as she watched her Dad, and then her aunt Kendall Jenner, walk the runway alongside teams of high fashion international models.

Dressed like a beacon of high fashion herself North had had enough and she let the whole show know it.

Kim and North at Paris fashion week just a few months ago.

Like all good mummies you eventually fished around your luxury designer bag of tricks Kim and came up with some elephant stickers for North to play with.

It was a temporary solution - the poor tot simply wanted to stip off those black tights and skirt and run around sans-nappy bopping to the tunes of The Wiggles.

Next time maybe bring ear plugs Anna

I know you’ve been dissed for leaving her with the Nanny before Kim - headlines screaming “Kim sunbathes while North is left to play with the help” taunting you from the screen of your iPhone.

But it's time to face facts - and the look on Vogue Editor Anna Wintour’s face summed it up for us all.

There is a time and a place for toddlers – and New York Fashion Week isn’t it.

What advice would you give Kim and Kanye on how to handle a tantrum?

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