My friend says I'm doing this, but I don't think I am.

When a friendly person like me meets someone new, this is bound to happen.

I’ve always loved meeting new people. I’m a bit of a social butterfly and since becoming a mum, opportunities to meet people are fewer and further between.

Now when I meet new people it’s normally through work, or when I’m getting my car serviced, or while I’m grocery shopping, or when I’m taking my children to school or to activities.

Is it really so wrong for me to be friendly with the mechanic?

I've never seen this as being much of a problem until my friend came over to my house for coffee and my mechanic came over to service my car. I've met him three times before during my previous three services. I said hi, we had a chat and a laugh and then he got started while my friend and I sat down for coffee.

My friend teased me for being so flirty with the mechanic and I was surprised.  If I was that friendly to a woman who came to my house to do a job it would just be me being friendly but because it's a guy suddenly I'm a flirt?

She knows me, and knows I'm not interested in anyone but my husband, but she told me that there would be men who would get the wrong idea, and it's dangerous territory.

But it also made me understand something that my husband gets grumpy about but has never been able to explain to me. He's always said that he likes the fact that I'm outgoing and friendly, but I've seen him bristle when I'm laughing with men he doesn't know.

So are they right? Is it inappropriate to flirt with members of the opposite sex when you're happily in a relationship?

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