This is the hardest thing my husband has ever asked me to do.

This is the hardest thing my husband has ever asked of me. What shall I do? 

My best friend is a man. We met in school. We hit it off immediately and have never felt romantically inclined towards each other (except one drunken encounter when we thought it would be funny to try snogging).

This man has been in my life for 25 years, long before I met my husband, and now my husband has demanded that I dump him.

When I first met my friend, he was dating someone else at school and after we became friends he moved on to someone else. Each time one of us got a new boyfriend or girlfriend, our new partners felt a bit weird at first at seeing how close we were, but they soon got used to it. We’ve always confided in each other about our problems and been there for each other.

"Can men and women ever really be friends, just friends?"

When my husband first met him, they got along so well and they actually became better friends than my friend and I had ever been, which annoyed me. I wanted my friend back.

Now that we're all married with kids, we love getting everyone together. Yes, we still confide in each other about our problems and yes, sometimes we confide in each other about problems we are having with our spouses.

I think this is where my husband has a problem.

My husband and I have been having lots of problems this year. We can't seem to get on the same page. I still love him and want to be with him. As far as I am concerned, our relationship isn't under threat, we are just having a crappy year. I think this has made him feel insecure, because he knows I can talk to my friend more openly than I can to him.

Of course I can. My friend is completely supportive of me, unlike my husband. It makes me feel better to discuss my problems with him and he gives me good advice.

But my husband is getting really upset every time we meet up or talk, and it telling me that he doesn't want me to see or speak to my friend without him around. What shall I do?

What shall I do? Can anyone think of a compromise I can suggest?

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