Meet Nonna Marijuana: The 91-year-old granny/pot chef.



Meet Nonna Marijuana:



Nonna is 91, and Youtube famous for being a brilliant chef. A brilliant chef who, if you couldn’t already tell by the name, uses marijuana in all her recipes.

Nonna started cooking with marijuana to help her daughter who has suffered from constant painful seizures since a car accident. In a recent video profile by MUNCHIES, Nonna said that:

“I like to cook with medical marijuana, because I feel that it helps those who have been ill, and have to endure pain. And I will use it if it helps anyone.”

Nonna has a lifetime of cooking experience, and loves to infuse the old-school Italian food of her heritage with all of the pot:



And Nonna’s food looks goooood. Check out her ‘Marijuana Chicken’:



And her ‘Marijuana Gnocchi’:



Watch the full video video of Nonna Marijuana’s cooking class right here. It’s like a cooking show but with a sassy grandma who loves to talk about pot-infused butter. It’s amazing:










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