Why is no one talking about Noni Hazlehurst's controversial Logies speech?


There were several big moments from last night’s 59th Annual TV Week Logie Awards.

Kat Stewart and Peter Helliar’s spoof of #JacketGate made headlines, along with Samuel Johnson being “Kanye’d” by Molly Meldrum upon winning the Gold Logie.

But there was one impassioned speech that has evaded media attention.

Holly Wainwright, Monique Bowley and Laura Brodnik debrief on last night’s Logie Awards on The Recap. Post continues below.

Noni Hazlehurst, along with the cast and crew of A Place to Call Home won the Logie for Most Outstanding Drama Series. Upon accepting the award, Hazlehurst used the stage as a platform to acknowledge the funding cuts to Australian film and television.

“Australia stories matter and they take us to the world,” Hazlehurst said. “I hope that funding for Australian film and television stops being cut, and that we can continue to provide stories that resonate.”

Specifically, Hazlehurst called out Channel Seven, who formerly axed A Place to Call Home. 

“Channel Seven kicked us off,” she said, with a brief pause, referring to the network that gave them their start. “Then kicked us off…” she continued.

Image via Channel 10.

"We did two seasons... unfortunately they felt that we weren't appealing to the right demographic," Hazlehurst said, tightly holding the silver Logie with two hands.

"So many of our wonderful fans made life hell for so many people and we were reinstated and now we're seen in over 140 countries throughout the world," she said, which was met with enormous applause.

Since moving to Foxtel's Showcase, A Place to Call Home has aired two additional seasons, with another in production.

The series beat out Cleverman, Rake, The Code and Wentworth, in the Most Outstanding Drama Series category.