While Samsung phones are exploding, a Nokia has just saved a man's life.

Anyone who had a Nokia phone back in the late 90s and early 2000s knows that they are indestructible.

The jokes about the legendary durability of the Nokia 'brick' phones have been flowing for years on the internet.

Turns out the meme isn't too far from the truth.

A Nokia phone reportedly saved a man’s life in Afghanistan when a bullet lodged in the device.

“A Nokia phone I worked on a few years ago saved the life of a man in Afghanistan last week,” tweeted Peter Skillman, a former design executive at Nokia who is now the general manager at Microsoft.

In response to Skillman's tweet, the internet did what it does best, it beat the joke to death.

The phone in the image is a Nokia 301 and amazingly its not the first phone to stop a bullet.

According to The Telegraph, The Lumia 520 was dubbed 'bulletproof' after it blocked a bullet from killing an off-duty police officer in Brazil. And back in 2013, an HTC smart phone stopped a bullet from entering a Florida man's abdomen during a gas station robbery.

As far as I know an iPhone has never stopped a bullet. Step up your game Apple.

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