Commuters ride the subway nude. Because America is all about freedom.

If you’re wearing pants today, there’s a very strange reason why you need to take them off.

Question: Are you wearing pants today?

If your answer is yes, why don’t you just go ahead and take them off? Seriously. Just unbutton, unzip and slide them off.

It’s a little known fact that today has been dubbed No Pants Day on the Subway. What started as a joke on a New York City train has grown immensely and adopted a following across cities all over the world.

One of the commuters. Sans pants, obviously.


Improv Everywhere, the brainchild behind this rather bizarre mission, began the no pants trend in 2002 as eight dudes who took their pants off on a train.

But instead of reporting the group, other commuters quickly caught on to the trend and took their pants off too.

Now the cult following attracts thousands of people. But we can’t even say there’s a good cause at the end of this. There’s no point at all, really.

The thousands of participants in the 2015 New York City event.


In fact, if you ask Improv Everywhere why they do this, they say: “[We are] a prank collective that causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places.”

And they really do. The reactions of commuters who aren’t aware of the no pants revolution are visibly shocked and confused when, during their morning ride to work, other passengers just start stripping.

Even a few babies get involved.

A woman mooning a police officer. He can’t do anything. Brilliant.


I don’t know about you, but for my afternoon commute… pants are coming off.

Watch the 2015 Annual No Pants on the Subway ride below.