"Please stop with the lollies. Enough is enough."

Why are so many adults – and schools – still handing out sweet things to kids?

My daughter’s school had a fete a while back. It was a great day, with lots of fun activities to raise money for the school. But there were so many lollies. Activity after activity ended with kids being handed a lolly or a little bag of them.

My daughter is also involved with a group outside of school that sees her getting active and creative. It’s really good for her. But every couple of weeks there’s another excuse to have cake or something else sweet.

Did I mention all the party bags that get handed around the class whenever one of the children has a birthday? Such a lovely idea. But why lollies?

Then there was Halloween just recently. And of course Christmas is coming up. So many adults want to offer my kids lollies, chocolate or biscuits. They’re very generous.

I just wish I could find a polite way to MAKE THEM STOP.

Kids. Lollipops. True love.

I'm not a health-food Nazi. I don't claim to raise my children on quinoa, chia and activated almonds. In fact, getting them to eat well has always been a struggle. But I'm trying, really trying, to give them a taste for healthy food. I want them to grow up thinking that cherries and blueberries are delicious. Because they are.

I don't mind my kids having occasional treats, because I think totally banning any type of food will only make kids crave it more. I just want the treats to stay occasional. I don't want them being offered to my kids all the time. And I don't want to come across as rude or mean by refusing them on behalf of my children.


It would be great if adults could come up with other ways, apart from junk food, to treat kids. It doesn't have to involve food at all. Cheap plastic dinosaurs. Stickers. Even balloons can be exciting, when kids are young.

Once your kids get their hands on lollies, there's no taking them away.

Tooth decay is a problem. Childhood obesity is a problem. And then there's the whole minefield of food allergies that arises when people start handing out cake.

Schools should know better. All adults should know better, really. We're getting these healthy eating messages all the time. Some people, obviously, just aren't taking them in.

Please stop offering my kids sweet things. You're really not treating them.

Are you bothered by your kids being given lollies?

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