Hey celebrities, enough with your "no makeup" bullsh*t.

Image supplied/refinery29.

Every time a celebrity posts a “no makeup” selfie on Instagram, or appears in a glamorous bare-faced magazine shoot, – bam – they’re immediately applauded and called “brave” and heroic for embracing their “natural beauty”.

Surely I don’t have to tell you I find this whole concept ridiculous.

I spend a lot of my life wearing makeup. I also spend a lot of my life not wearing makeup.

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I like myself in makeup, and I also like the way I look without it. End. Of. story.

So to open my browser and see “natural” celebrities, like The Hills’ Lo Bosworth, in unbelievably flattering light, with perfectly coiffed hair (and probably a lot of retouching to be honest), staring back at me insinuating that we should all be happy with the way we look sans makeup, is not only offensive, it’s hugely hypocritical. (Post continues after gallery.)

If they must preach to me that being au naturel is somehow a superior way to live; that’s their choice, but at least show me warts and all au naturel.

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Below is a picture of myself from last night. I have no makeup on. You may notice I have bags under my eyes and if you look closely, you’ll also notice a pimple on my cheek and a couple of acne scars. Oh, and my hair could probably do with a wash, too. Ta-da.

Eddie with no makeup on. (Image supplied.)

THAT is what “no makeup” looks like, minus the styling and the wind machine.

Perfectly retouched celebrities pedaling the view that I should try to feel better about myself without makeup on just feels like another unattainable carrot dangled in front of my eyes, willing me to feel bad about the way I am, and what I like doing.

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While more realistic photos of celebrities without makeup aren’t likely to pop up anytime soon (they’ve got images to maintain, people), I still don’t feel like refraining from wearing a shred of lipgloss or eyeshadow makes you somehow a better or truly beautiful person - inside and out.


My view? There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to how every individual feels good in their skin, and there’s no right or more virtuous approach.

If wearing makeup makes you feel good; wear it. If not wearing makeup makes you feel good; don’t wear it. Simple.

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Which brings me to my next point. Since when did it become a crime to be an out-and-proud makeup-lover?

My beauty stash at home resembles a mini Mt Everest. I've never met a tube of mascara my lashes didn’t swoon for, and never I’ve swiped on bronzer and not loved the way it made me look and feel.

So why do we need to present this idea that abstaining from makeup deserves some kind of badge of honour?

Recently, Dita Von Teese spelled it out perfectly when she told Prestige magazine: “I've never been interested in natural beauty.”

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“Sexy is when people are comfortable in their own skin, and confident, and you can tell that they're doing things on their own terms. Their pleasure is something they’re doing for themselves instead of trying to get appreciation from other people,” she went onto explain.

I couldn’t agree more. Shailene Woodley’s no-makeup approach on the red carpet is no more virtuous than Dita Von Teese’s love for wearing makeup 24/7.

They’re both fantastic because they’re doing what makes them feel good.

So, celebrities, let’s stop with all the “natural is better” stuff, please.

What do you think about no makeup selfies being labelled 'brave'?