Prisoners share their incredible do-it-yourself makeup hacks.

Forget makeup, ‘inside’ it’s all about ‘fakeup’.

It’s a practice that was first brought to light in TV series Orange is The New Black. Aside from a few items like mascara and eyeliner that were available to purchase from the prison commissary, makeup was essentially contraband.

And so ‘fakeup’ was born as inmates created innovative ways to DIY their own makeup from products and items they were allowed.

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We’re talking gummy bears, instant coffee, newspaper and plenty of vasoline to make foundation, blush and eyeshadow.

It takes beauty ‘hack’ to a whole new level.

Don’t quite believe it’s possible? US prison docuseries 60 Days In recently shared a video demonstrating exactly how each of the products are created.

Let’s just say it’s not your average beauty tutorial.


To make foundation, inmates mix baby powder, lotion and instant coffee grinds together, customising the colour needed.

Then, it’s applied to the face as normal. We’d say this one’s pretty high coverage.


Apply the foundation as you would the real thing. Image: 60 Days In/Screenshot

Eye Glitter.

Proof the joys of sparkly eyes know no bounds, inmates have come up with a resourceful way to create their own. It involves rubbing two glittery birthday cards together, collecting the excess and applying over a base of vaseline on your eyelid.

SO sparkly. Image: 60 Minutes In/Screenshot



For a bold lip, prisoners microwave gummy bears, crayons and petroleum jelly to create a brightly coloured paint-like substance. Maybe don't try this one at home... (Post continues after gallery.)

Hair Gel.

Reports from The Marshall Project, a nonprofit news organization covering criminal justice, have also uncovered some other common DIY cosmetic practices.

According to writer Simone Weichselbaum, Jolly Ranchers (boiled sweets) are soaked in a cup of hot water, mixed with a dab of body lotion and then applied to hair as gel.

Eye shadow.

Missing your Naked palette? Weichselbaum reports inmates simply break open coloured pencils and crush them into powder before mixing them with baby powder. Voila.

If you're getting ideas, be warned - it's not great for you.

"Coloured pencils dried out the eyelids. Girls' eyes would be red,” former Las Colinas Detention Facility inmate Annie Burchard told the reporter.


Image: Orange is the New Black



During her time in prison, Burchard developed a simple way to create her own sheer blush.

She would use the pink ink from certain newspaper advertisements to give her colour.

"I would put baby powder on my hands and use it as a base. Then, you take the newspaper ad, and run it on your cheekbone. It’s like a sheer blush," she said.

And one of the most versatile fakeup items? M&Ms. Mix them with hot water to make a lip stain then mix any leftovers of peanut M&Ms with face cream to make a protein-packed face mask. Genius.

Image: Orange is the New Black.