Three very simple, heat-free ways to style your hair.


With the warmer weather well and truly here, who wants to sweat under a hot hairdryer or straightener every morning? Not us. No siree.

We’ve all heard from hair experts that our obsession with curling wands and straighteners isn’t so good for our hair, so we rounded up three simple, heat-free ways to style your hair. You’re welcome.

1. Headband Curls.

Via Billie Rose

If you can’t watch the video now, this one involves using a headband and slowing rolling small sections of your hair around the band in a clockwise motion.

Step 1: Section hair into two ponytails and brush.

Step 2: Place a headband on—you want a band that will be tight enough not to slip down once you’ve rolled the hair.

Step 3: Simply wrap hair around the band until all the hair is taken up.

Step 4: Take a moment to look at how sexy you look right now, and spray generously with hairspray. You need to leave this in for an hour for it to work, we’d suggest a tiny bit longer if you have thicker hair.

Step 5: Remove the band and shake out your heat-free curls. Note: This one is best suited to the medium to long-haired among us.


2. Low rolled up-do.


Dead simple and super chic, this easy up-style works best on fine, chin-length to long-bob hair.

To do: Split hair into two ponytails, twist each section over into the center of your head and secure with a hairband. Then roll the ponytail over your index finger and secure towards your lower hairline. We promise this is easier than it sounds, give it a go!

3. Heat-free beachy waves.

Via Song of Style

These gorgeous beachy waves come courtesy of fashion blogger Aimee Song. This is similar to the headband curls above but much, much easier.

As Aimee demonstrates, section hair into two parts then wrap hair and pin over the crown. It’s not shown here but we’d recommend to spray the hair with sea salt or a texture spray to allow the curls to stay once you’ve unpinned your hair.

Even though this obviously works well on long hair, you can also attempt this style if you have a short bob. Any stray bits that fall down will be disguised over the top curls, and this style is meant to be a bit unkempt and beachy.

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