Love Nina's Offspring dress last night? Here's where to buy it.


Ohhh. Offspring.

How great was last night’s season finale? While the producers are yet to confirm if it is or isn’t the last time we’ll get hang out with the Proudman’s, we’re still holding out in hope for a sixth season.

Although as Bec Sparrow pointed out on this lovely post, every character’s storyline was neatly wrapped up.

“Darcy and Geraldine are back together. Mick and Billie reunited. Cherie and Clegg are on. God even Elvis got a pash. We all know Zara is going to make a fantastic paediatrician with Jimmy by her side. Billie has finally carved her own place in the world. And Nina. I saw Nina and Zoe walking into their future with Nina’s hand firmly in Leo’s. And I bloody love Leo.”

If it was Offspring’s curtain show, one thing we are definitely going to miss the most is Nina Proudman’s style. If you were on Twitter during the show last night, you would’ve seen a crowdsourced effort to track down the dress she wore in the final scene.

“Let’s just jump in.” YES DO THAT NINA!

And it’s STILL available this morning. The frock is by Lola Australia, it’s $289, and it’s still available in sizes 8-16, you can shop it here.

If you like it, we’d suggest you be quick about it, very quick!

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What are you going to miss the most from Offspring?