You can rent Nina Proudman's home from Offspring on Airbnb.

There were many things I loved about Offspring.

Nina’s internal monologues. Her *many* awkward moments that made my awkward moments feel a tad less insufferable. Billy’s erratic nature.


And, one would be amiss to write an entire article about Offspring and not mention Nina’s style. Or where she lived.

One could never forget the two-story apartment she lived in with Patrick (#neverforget), and then the small house she moved into for the final seasons.

Located in Melbourne’s Fitzroy, you can now rent that home for a mere $596 a night.

According to Airbnb, the 1900s Victorian-style home has been completely redesigned and kid-proofed.

“All bedrooms have been set up like a mini hotel room,” it says on the profile. “The bedrooms in the house have their own walk in robes, original polished wood floors, high ceilings, Victorian windows with shutters.”

There it is. The fashion. The house. The everything. Image via Facebook.


"The garden studio has its own ensuite with walk-in shower, toilet and basin with rendered concrete walls, polished concrete floors. The studio has exposed wood feature ceiling and windows, industrial desk and lighting, TV with DVD/ Blu ray, bar fridge, kettle and a queen bed with luxury linens from Bedouin Societe."


A garden studio? Please and thank you, Nina Proudman.

The Offspring home isn't the first TV set to be found on Airbnb, with the famous "Bonnie Doon" holiday home up for grabs.

At a slightly cheaper price per night (read: $200), the Airbnb host promises you the sought-after serenity at Bonnie Doon.

Scroll through to see photos from both properties. Images via Airbnb. (Post continues after gallery.)

"Please remember this is a cultural icon, you're coming to The Castle for a get away, lake Eildon, the snow, the train trail, mostly the 'serenity and the smell of two stroke' if you think its [sic] a party venue YOU'RE DREAMIN'"," the host writes.

"Share it with friends or family, surprise them and get a buzz from their reaction when you tell them this is where they're spending a few nights. The house has been renovated to a modern retro feel."

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