Nikki describes the moment she watched The Bachelor finale alone: "I was in tears."

As a nation we watched The Bachelor finale and felt, well, very emotional.

Viewers were shocked by Richie’s seemingly unexpected choice, having picked Alex Nation over fan favourite Nikki Gogan.

The 28-year-old contestant told News Corp that she watched the season finale on Thursday night just like the rest of us, and did so alone in her hotel room.

“I was in tears, absolutely, lots of tears” Gogan said, describing how she was thrown right back to that heartbreaking moment in Bali.

“I knew what was coming (and) it was difficult to watch. But I watched it from the beginning to the end just like I have every other episode."

"I was really interested to see what my face looked like with the recognition of the moment I realised what was happening.”

Just like the show's viewers, Gogan walked into the final ceremony under the impression that she would be receiving the coveted final rose.

But upon reaching the man who was soon to break her heart, she realised her instincts head been wrong.

“The moment I got down the stairs and was holding Richie’s hand I knew he wasn’t my Richie — he was just different,” she told News Corp.

“It was a different energy, he wasn’t holding my hand as tightly and his eyes were sad eyes, not the excited, happy eyes that I was used to.”

Despite the unhappy outcome of events for Gogan, she remains positive about Richie and Alex as a couple.

Richie and Alex have a message for our own Rosie Waterland. Post continues below...

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"I genuinely do wish them well,” she said.

“And I think once things calm down and the shock disappears everyone will be able to embrace the beautiful couple that they are.”

We have to admit, we don't know if we could be that warm after losing the man we thought we loved.