Nikki expertly addresses the rumour Richie is secretly going to leave Alex for her.

The announcement that Richie Strahan chose Alex Nation as his Bachie love for life may be old news now, but the conspiracy theories around the longevity of their relationship are continuing to swirl with fervour.

The latest comes via an apparent school friend of 24-year-old Alex’s and was raised on WA’s Hit 92.9 breakfast radio show on Friday by host Heidi, Will and Woody.

Interviewing the show’s runner-up and newest national treasure Nikki Gogan, Heidi said she had received a screenshot of Alex’s schoolmate’s Facebook status.

It still hurts to think about. Image via Channel 10.

Heidi claimed the status said, "I went to school with Alex. You actually find out next week or some time later that he leaves Alex for Nikki."


Within seconds of being read on air, though, Nikki was shooting the theory down.

"No. Nup. Absolutely not," Nikki said.

"They [Richie and Alex] are really are genuine and they really are crazy about each other," the 28-year-old replied, adding, "I want to be my person's first choice every time...I wouldn't want Richie to come running back; that is absolutely not what I want. I want Richie and Alex to work out."

Nikki and Richie and Alex. Image via Channel 10. 

Take a bow world. This is how you handle a public breakup.


Asked if she was still in love with Richie, Nikki responded, "Look, last night I was back there for a minute." She then went on, "I love Richie, I love Alex, I do care about them very much."

Nikki also said that she wishes the two "the very best" and that she "wouldn't change anything" about her wild reality television ride.

Ready for Bachelorette Nikki. Image via Channel 10.

"I just really believe that they're meant to be together and that there's someone so amazing out there for me, and I can't wait to meet them," she said finally.

Neither can Snowy, Nikki. Neither can Snowy.