Friday's news in just two minutes.

1. Julia Gillard’s partner Tim Mathieson has spoken to the media for the first time since Gillard lost the Labor leadership ballot to Kevin Rudd. Mr Mathieson was walking the couple’s dog Reuben when he was approached by the Channel 9 news team. He said Gillard was “really good”.

“(She’s) a little sad, the household is sad, but also slightly relieved as well. But we’re all good,” he said.

Nigella Lawson

2. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has reportedly moved out of the home she shares with her husband Charles Saachi. According to the UK press, a removal truck was seen outside the pair’s home. Two weeks ago, images of Charles Saachi appearing to grab Lawson’s throat at a restaurant made headlines. Seventy-year-old Saachi was given a police caution for his actions.

3. Advocates for same-sex marriage have said they are hopeful that Kevin Rudd’s return to the position of Prime Minister will increase pressure for a conscience vote on marriage equality. Kevin Rudd wrote a deeply personal blog post for Cleo magazine in May, in which he revealed his support for marriage equality.

4. Meanwhile, The Daily Telegraph is reporting that Rudd will abolish the Carbon Tax and move to an Emissions Trading Scheme when he convenes his first cabinet meeting next Monday.

5. Defence Minister Stephen Smith has become the latest Labor minister to say he won’t contest the next election. Speaking yesterday Smith said: “I cannot in all good conscience say to the people of Perth that I can continue to do, win lose or draw at the next election, for another three years. Twenty years I can do, 23 years I can’t.” Smith has been the Federal Member for Perth since 1993.

Kiesha Whippeart

6. A Sydney court has heard that Kristi Anne Abrahams – who last week admitted to murdering her 6-year-old daughter Kiesha – asked an undercover police officer to help her avoid being arrested. In the video that was shown to the New South Wales Supreme Court, 30-year-old Kristi is seen telling the officer about how she and Robert Smith disposed of Kiesha’s body when they realised she was dead.

7. The daughter of Nelson Mandela has criticised the media, likening them to vultures. “It’s like truly vultures waiting when a lion has devoured a buffalo, waiting there for the last carcasses. That’s the image that we have as a family,” Makaziwe Mandela told local broadcaster SABC. “And we don’t mind the interest, but I just think that it has gone overboard.”  Mandela’s condition has reportedly improved overnight.

8. Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics has shown that the personal wealth of Australians is at an all-time high. News Ltd report that over the past 12 months, the net worth per person in Australia has increased from $73,352 to $75,995.

9. An American billionaire has reportedly ‘celebrated’ his divorce from his wife of 43 years, by participating in a sex orgy in the back of a limo, and sending a tape of the incident to his close friends.