Celeb news: Nigella Lawson denied entry to the United States.

Nigella Lawson has been banned from entering the United States.

The TV chef was about to board a flight to Los Angeles to a guest-star as a judge on The Taste, when she was advised that she would not be allowed to enter the country on account of her admission to using cocaine.

Lawson was in court last month when she confessed that she has used cocaine in the past. British authorities decided not to act on the admission, but America has been much harsher.

A witness at Heathrow airport told Daily Mail that Lawson was turned back at the security gates as she made her way to board the LA-bound flight. She left her bags at the first-class check-in.

“She didn’t seem to say much, but she did not look happy,” the witness said. “She could not get on the flight so she had to turn around and leave.”

American authorities reserve the right to ban tourists if they have admitted to drug use, even if they haven’t been convicted.

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