Nicole Trunfio should not have had to defend her breastfeeding cover.

But she did. And she did it well.

Elle Australia have put out a magazine cover with a photo showing a mum breastfeeding. Australian supermodel, Nicole Trunfio posed in a beautiful breastfeeding photo on the cover of the magazine’s June issue.

The cover has received a lot of positive feedback from readers and parents worldwide, and of course (as with anything so public) Trunfio has received negative comments too.

She spoke to Good Morning America about her response to the cover photo here. (Post continues after the video…)

She opens by saying, “I didn’t think it was going to be such a big deal.”

Trunfio told the American TV show that it’s awful to think that people could have opinions about doing something so natural as a mother, like breastfeeding.

She took to Instagram to further push her message.

Nicole Trunfio with her baby, Zion. Image via @nictrunfio Instagram.

"A women should not feel embarrassed or any sort of way when she needs to feed her child, she should not have to think twice. It is a natural thing to do and it's beautiful, we should not be ashamed of it, otherwise we will pass that energy to our precious, vulnerable and sensitive baby," she wrote.

She continued to defend the right for women to be able to breastfeed in public, without shame and without fear of being judged by others. She also goes on to say that she is pro-bottle feeding and does not want to discriminate either way. Her ultimate goal is to normalise ALL breastfeeding.

"Breastfeeding in public should be more socially acceptable, whether you choose to cover yourself or not. At times, I cover myself and my son, depending on the situation. Ultimately it should be whatever the mother chooses is best for her, and her baby. I also want to be clear I am also pro bottle feeding, this is not to discriminate against any way a mother feeds her child. #normalizebreastfeeding is important for our generation, let us start a #revolution !!! Breastfeeding is a #lifegiving act and it needs to be celebrated. I'm calling all mothers all over the world to take a stand!" She wrote.

The Magazine cover. Image via @nictrunfio Instagram.

It's a magazine cover that has stirred a big reaction in the media, in the parenting world and in the general public. But ultimately it is a cover that an Australian supermodel is using to spread a very important message: don't judge other mothers for their actions, don't judge any mother ever.

Trunfio explained to Good Morning America how the photo came to be.

"He was with me on set all day and there were periods I'd take off to feed him and I had on this beautiful outfit and the stylist was like, ‘Wow, that looks amazing, let's move you on set to have this picture taken.' Not that it was going to become a part of the shoot," Trunfio said.

The model has shared many photos on her Instagram account since the shoot became public.

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What do you think of breastfeeding in public and the stigma around it?

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