Why does everyone want rainbow hair right now?

Images: Instagram

Well, it seems we spoke too soon.

Yesterday, our beauty director suggested (okay, maybe even pleaded) that the ubiquitous rainbow hair trend of 2014 might fade into obscurity this year. Alas, it was not to be; not one but two celebrities have added Crayola shades to their hair just this week.

The first is Nicole Ritchie.

The fashion designer/former reality TV personality has never shied away from eye-catching dye jobs, having worn her hair purple, midnight blue, silver… the list continues. Now the colour chameleon’s added a vivid, mermaid-like teal to her vast colour spectrum, and shared the results on Instagram:

Then, there's Audrina Patridge, who you may remember from the TV series The Hills.

Patridge also revealed her colourful new hair on Instagram, describing it as a mix of "champagne silver" and "dusty violet" (is this beginning to sound like a perfume counter, or is it just us?).

Cara Delevingne is no longer a blonde.

Considering the 29-year-old is usually brunette or occasionally dark blonde, this is a pretty significant change.

Very nice.

If these photos have tipped you over the edge to the point you simply MUST dye your hair pastel pink/neon green/all the colours known to humankind, it might be worth checking out our post on how much rainbow hair will cost you first.

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