A reporter just hit Nicole Richie across the face during an interview.

If you’re currently feeling sorry for yourself and lamenting the fact that your day isn’t quite going to plan, spare a thought for reality star and comedic genius Nicole Richie, who got smacked in the face mid-interview this week.


nicole richie hit during interview
Greenleaf and Richie mid face smack. Source: Talk Stoop.

Taking part in a New York-based web interview series called Talk Stoop, Richie's face slam appears early on in the four-minute-long segment when host Cat Greenleaf asks the mother-of-two what's the greatest news she's heard this week.

"Well, I live in LA and I heard it's going to rain three times this week," Richie replies, clearly happy to be in the Big Apple.

Celebrating the news, Greenleaf goes to high five Richie, but somehow misses her hand and hits her face instead, knocking the sometimes fashion designer's glasses clean off in the process.

nicole richie hit during interview
WHAT JUST HAPPENED? Source: Talk Stoop.

Richie's face says it all, really.

"Oh my god!" Greenleaf gasps. "Are you okay?"

Ever the chiller, Richie doesn't say a word, but rather moves into a flawless model pose and breaks a smile.

"I'm so sorry... I'm notoriously clumsy," Greenleaf says.

nicole richie hit during interview
The ultimate recovery pose. Source: Talk Stoop.

"I can see that," Richie jokes. "Out of my left eye only."

Trying to move things along, Greenleaf asks what a fun notorious fact about Richie is.

"Um, I was just abused like two seconds ago," Richie replies in a completely deadpan tone before breaking into a smile.

Yeesh, talk about a bad day at work. How Greenleaf is going to explain that one to her boss, I'm really not sure.

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