Nicole Kidman's perfect reaction to her own success leaves Richard Wilkins stumped.

We can’t imagine it’s often that Richard Wilkins feels uncomfortable in the presence of celebrities, but if there was one person that has the power, it’s surely one of the most critically acclaimed actresses to ever hit Hollywood, Nicole Kidman.

The Hollywood great left the veteran entertainment reporter speechless during a chat earlier this week and managed to school him on the absolute perfection that is herself with just one word.

Speaking to the Hollywood heavyweight during a red carpet appearance in Sydney on Tuesday to celebrate her appearance in the second season of Jane Campion’s BBC series, Top of the Lake, Wilkins said, “You’re going through this big purple patch at the moment. You must be…”

nicole kidman top of the lake
Source: Channel 9.

But before he could finish, Kidman chimed in, asking, "What does purple patch mean?"

A bit stumped, Wilkins replied, "Don't you know that expression? Sorry, you are going through a beautiful time in your life and your career," he explained.

Kidman simply replied "right," in a deadpan tone before bursting into laughter.

Wilkins, please. Kidman's entire career has basically been one long, gigantic purple patch. (And yes, I do include Practical Magic in that, it was a bloody good film about the complexity of sisterly love.)

The most recent purple patch that Wilkins refers to, though, has included her acclaimed performances in the HBO series Big Little Lies, the Oscar-nominated film Lion and, most recently, Sophia Coppola's latest movie, The Beguiled.

Jeez, Wilkins, do your IMDB research, mate.

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Returning the conversation back to Top of the Lake, Kidman said she was thrilled to be a part of the series, which also stars Elisabeth Moss.

"Jane's been one of my closest friends for so many years," Kidman told Wilkins.

"She said, 'I think there might be something for you in the second series,' and I was like, 'yes, please, please.' And she did it."

The premiere episode of the second season of Top of the Lake will air on BBC First on Sunday August 20.