Nicole Kidman has gone back to her long, red roots.


Image: Getty.

If you managed to tear your eyes away from Nicole Kidman and hubby Keith Urban’s adorable-almost-to-the-point-of-sickening loved up PDA at the SAG Awards yesterday, you may have noticed something slightly different-but-familiar about her hair.

Yes, Kidman has returned to her roots – her long, red roots to be more specific.

Kidman returns to her red roots. Image: Getty.


After spending most of 2015 sitting at the fairer end of the scale with shoulder length blonde hair, the Academy Award winner's most recent red carpet appearance saw her bring back her signature reddy-golden tones. It's strawberry blonde at its best.

Kidman has also jumped off the lob bandwagon in favour of returning to a longer length (she's capable of a lot, but growing her hair several inches overnight is not one of them). (WATCH: See all the looks from the SAG Red Carpet. Post continues after video.)

While her chosen Gucci dress proved to be divisive, there was no argument about her hair - welcome back, Kidman.

What do you think of Kidman's new hair?