Nicole Kidman has become the victim of a spectacularly awkward Oscars stuff-up.

Nicole Kidman is having some what of a renaissance at the moment.

Just this morning it was announced that the Australian actress has earned her fourth Oscar nod, this time courtesy of a brilliant performance in the film Lion.

Hers was one of six nominations nabbed by the tear-jerking movie, which naturally its distributor The Weinstein Company was eager to hype on its social media channels.

A little too eager…

Image: Facebook.

Didn't catch that? Look again.

Um.... Image: Facebook.

Yep. They've gotten her confused with her best bud Naomi Watts.

Naomi Watts, who had nothing whatsoever to do with the film. Naomi Watts, who is in fact nominated for a Worst Actress award at The Razzies this year.

But you know, Australian, blonde, woman, late 40s. Same difference.


Sadly, it's not even the first face-palm moment of this morning's Oscar announcements.

The Academy Awards website briefly listed Arrival star Amy Adams and Sully's Tom Hanks among the lucky nominees.

Just one teensy, tiny problem... They're actually not nominated. Not even a little bit.

Meanwhile in Hollywood, two people are frantically looking for new jobs.