The kiss between two co-stars that just stole the Emmys.

At Sunday night’s Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, Nicole Kidman had the night of her career.

First, she walked the red carpet wearing shoes that did not match.

It was interesting. Unique. Unusual. 

Then, she won an Emmy for Big Little Lies and gave a powerful speech about domestic violence.

But before that, Kidman garnered a great deal of attention for a… kiss.

When Alexander Skarsgard won the Emmy for most outstanding supporting actor in a limited series, for his role opposite Kidman in the series Big Little Lies, Kidman grabbed his beautiful face and kissed him. Right on the lips.

Sometimes you just have to kiss Skarsgard on the world stage while your husband stands in the background and applauds, and that’s okay. 

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Indeed, country music singer Keith Urban clapped along in sincere congratulations, and seemed entirely unfazed by the fact his wife was kissing one of the most handsome men in Hollywood.


Of course, Kidman and Skarsgard did much more than peck on the lips when playing husband and wife on Big Little Lies, but the room was surprised to see the display of affection off-screen.

"Yay, go you!"

One tweet read, "Poor Keith Urban just wants someone to look at him the way his wife Nicole Kidman looks at Alexander Skarsgård," and so true. 

But I think we can all agree that Urban is very secure in his relationship and before anyone starts clutching their pearls, I leave you with this:

She/he who has not wanted to kiss Alexander Skarsgard in front of their husband may cast the first stone. 

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