How Nicole Kidman went from BMX bandit to blonde bombshell.

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We’ve loved her ever since we spotted her wild untamed frizz in the seminal 1983 film, BMX Bandits, and 31 years later she’s still one of our most talented Aussie exports. Since Kidman has gone from red to strawberry blonde and back again, there’s a lot to get through. Behold the seven times Nicole Kidman’s hair won at life.


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For obvious reasons: it’s an unparalleled moment in cinematic hair history.




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Embarrassingly enough, there was a time that every teenage girl in the 90s wanted to marry Tom Cruise. Nicole Kidman was living our dream, and made us think it was somehow possible that we too could marry an American movie star. I like to think it was her epic hair that got her halfway there.




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Um, this is embarrassing…but does anyone else remember Tom Cruise being this, well, hot? Maybe it’s all the couch jumping and Scientology that is blocking memory, but phwoar. I digress, how effing cool does Kidman look with her pulled back hair and on pointe vampiresque red lip.


3 tips for achieving iconic hair like Nicole Kidman's:

1. Embrace your natural style: while Our Nic has changed her hair dramatically over the years, in the early days we loved her for her wild, red-headed mane. It was her trademark and ensured she never faded into the background.

2. These days though, Nicole's look is all about sophistication. Her sleek, long, blonde locks channel old-school Hollywood glamour and this look never goes out of style.

3. Movie-star hair requires a LOT of styling and colouring though, which can take its toll. Keep your hair luscious and healthy at all times as well by regularly using nourishing products like Dove Pure Care Dry Oils.


 2007, OSCARS.

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Obviously, we’ve jumped ahead here. We’ve left Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch and entered the sophisticated realm. Nicole donned a red Balenciage dress, and perfectly paired the asymmetrical collar with a sleek, side swept hair. She basically ruled the red carpet.




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I mean, come on. How ridiculous is Nicole Kidman’s hair in this Harper’s Bazaar editorial shoot? It’s not even fair to have all that lustrous hair on the one head. Sigh.



2013, CANNES.

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Half ponytail, half quiff. This was the hairstyle that got everyone talking in 2013. We wanted to understand its construction, not necessarily do it ourselves. But for a celebrity who plays her hair pretty straight on the red carpet it was a stunning departure from the norm.


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