Nicole Kidman's father has died in a tragic accident.


UPDATE: More details emerge about the death of Dr Antony Kidman

Further details have come to light about the death of Sydney psychologist Dr Antony Kidman, father of Nicole and Antonia Kidman.

Nicole Kidman’s publicist and friend of the family Wendy Day confirmed to the Daily Mail that Dr Kidman died in a Singapore hotel after he fell while eating breakfast. The cause of death is currently being investigated, but it is suspected that Dr Kidman died of a heart attack.

His daughter Antonia has flown from Singapore to Sydney to be with her mother Janelle. Nicole and husband Keith Urban are expected to join the family there after Urban cancelled a Los Angeles charity concert to be with his wife.

Mamamia previously reported…

This is just devastating news for the Kidman family.

Nicole and Antonia Kidman’s father, Dr Antony Kidman, has reportedly died in tragic circumstances.

Dr Kidman —  a respected psychologist and Director of the Health Psychology Unit at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital — was visiting his younger daughter Antonia in Singapore. It’s believed that he fell and died there.

Obviously, he was loved very much by both his daughters and this is a profoundly tragic incident. Here’s a beautiful moment between him and Nicole Kidman on the red carpet.


Antonia Kidman, 44, moved to Singapore in 2010 with her partner, Craig Marran. She has six children – four by her first husband, Angus Hawley, and two with Marran. Nicole Kidman, 47, lives in Nashville with her husband, Australian country singer Keith Urban, and their two small children, Sunday Rose and Faith. Nicole has two children, Isabella and Connor, from her marriage with Tom Cruise.

Dr Kidman was given an Order of Australia medal in 2005 for his services to health and medicine. He will be remembered for his contribution to breast cancer research, clinical psychology and the psychological impact of living with cancer.

He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Janelle Kidman. In January, the whole family were together in Sydney to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Our thoughts are with Dr Kidman’s wife, two daughters, and ten grandchildren.