Forget her face, we need to talk about being inside Nicole Kidman's house.

Candidly Nicole?

Everyone’s talking about Nicole Kidman‘s smooth, slightly pained face on the cover of US Vogue, but whether she’s been on the ‘tox or it’s the result of overzealous photoshopping, we think that’s the least interesting thing to discuss here.

Vogue gave Nicole Kidman, 48, the “73 Questions” treatment to accompany her eighth US Vogue cover, at her Australian country estate.

Observation: Nicole Kidman probably doesn’t muck out the stables at the farm. At least, not in this outfit.

Kidman sashayed around her farm in a stunning white gown. She lost the akubra somewhere along the way.

Wearing a pure-white, lace, floor-length gown and an Akubra – isn’t that how we all get around at the farm? -and sitting on the steps of her grand country homestead, Kidman greets the Vogue interviewer with a “G’day mate, welcome to Australia!”

It’s voyeuristic heaven — and not only do we get to see inside Nicole Kidman’s house, we also learn some unexpected things about the Oscar-winner.

Nicole Kidman’s Vogue cover.

1. She’s Aussie as, mate.

She may be a big Hollywood star, but Kidman wants everyone to know she’s Aussie and proud – she’s almost self-consciously Australian. Her favourite bands? “Acca dacca and INXS”. Also, she says “g’day”. Do you say “g’day?”.

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2. She loves country music but mostly Keith Urban.

Before they met, she’d never heard of her husband Keith Urban. But now? She’s his biggest fan. Her favourite thing about going on tour with him is “being on top of each other” in the tour bus. And she really likes country music. No, really, she does. Her favourite lyrics written by her well-coiffed significant other are, “So you meet someone/The only one/You take her by the hand/Make a stand/Buy some land/Make some love/And then babies come.” Genius.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban planned their lives out by the lyrics of one of his songs.

3. She does impressions. But maybe shouldn’t.

Her impression of Tweety Bird is execrable. She can, however, pull off Little Quacker. She’s partial to Snuffleupagus.

She apparently forgot all about this guy.

4. Her favourite fashion trend is every girl’s saviour.

Kidman, like many a girl, loves the ease that a pair of black opaque tights brings (read: we don’t have to shave our legs ALL WINTER). They’re her favourite fashion trend ever. To “prom”, (she corrects the interviewer, explaining that we call it a formal) she wore a vintage black flapper dress. So did I (read: Miss Shop abomination with sparkles on it).

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Video via Vogue AU

5. Kidman is a regular Dr Doolittle.

Kidman’s favourite thing about her 45-hectare NSW property is her alpaca herd (she’s got six). She’s also rather fond of her Black Angus cows and, basket in hand and not a mark on her white silken gown, collects fresh eggs from her hens. How idyllic!

Growing up, she had a cat called Gregory. That is actually the most perfect cat name ever. I am nicking it for my next kitty addition.

Nicole Kidman and one of her alpacas.

6. If she could have one super power…

As she trips over a carefully misplaced child’s toy in her otherwise tastefully ordered kitchen, Kidman says if she could have one super power it would be to fly. Fortunate for Keith – this means she’s not hiding anything.

Whoops! This toy was just lying around.

7. She makes jam and preserves for her friends.

If you stay in her guest cottage, you will be greeted with a basket of fresh eggs, Lipton tea and Nicole-Kidman-made jam. You will never stay in Nicole Kidman’s guest cottage. (Sorry to be the one to break it).

8. Kidman goes against the grain; is partial to gluten.

She hates ham. But she does love “homemade fresh bread with reggiano” and truffles on her pizza. Can you imagine elegant, demure Nicole Kidman eating a pizza? I am trying, but all I can see is her sitting down to a single perfect quail’s egg, silver fork held aloft.

9. She says her job isn’t glamorous.

Movies: “99 per cent hard work, 1 per cent glamour” she says. To this end, she always brings her pillow on set. She wishes more people had seen her controversial film Birth.

Kidman in her latest film Queen of the Desert.

10. She’s got something to tell Jimmy Fallon.

She has a secret message for one-that-got-away Jimmy Fallon. He should expect a postcard soon.

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