NICKY: 5 things you need to update your wardrobe this month.

This isn’t me but similar to what I do most mornings (without the heels and paisley dress).



I am so bored of all of my clothes.


I like to start off each day by sticking my head in my already heaving wardrobe and bemoan the lack of anything to wear. Much to the amusement of my husband whose clothing section has been reduced down to 1/8th of the space that my clothes take up.

But still I want more. I’m in need of a small Autumn wardrobe injection that can make my existing pieces seem fresh and new. Here’s what I’m shopping for this month (you know in that fantasy world where money is no object).

1. Ankle boots

There’s a reason why the ankle boot has stayed in fashion for several seasons and is so high on everyone’s shopping list, it’s super comfortable and you can wear it with just about everything.

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A caramel/tan pair is a great option to wear with denim and if you’re after a black pair, I’m seriously in love with these ones from Tony Bianco.

2. Shift dresses

If you haven’t yet harnessed the power of the shift dress, I implore you to do so. They are excellent for hiding a food baby (or an actual pregnancy), are usually of a modest length so that you don’t show off your undies when bending over and this one from ASOS has a nice arm length for those who aren’t fans of singlets and sleeveless dresses.

SHOP: ASOS Shift Dress $55.81. Click here to buy now.


3. Leather jackets

I don’t know about you but for me there has always been something rather off-putting about wearing leather jackets. I either feel like a wannabe bikie or Sandy from Grease. But year after year I hear about leather jackets being lauded as a good buy that you’ll wear with everything ALL the time.

And while I’d love to drop $1,600 on Helmut Lang’s Crystal Leather Jacket this tan Gorman one is more in my price range (well, my credit card’s price range) and this black one (right) from Camilla and Marc is best pleather/pu one I’ve seen.

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Isn’t it nice when the fashion world plays along with a really easy to wear trend that we can also recycle out of our wardrobes? Cue this winter’s prints and knits in contrasting black-and-white. And while tailored pieces have been a popular trend to hit the runway, a relaxed or jersey top will probably get you the most wear.

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5. Rose Gold

Remember when rose gold was considered tacky? Well, scratch that from your style memory as the metallic hue is all the rage.

Suitable for all skin tones, rose gold feels like a welcome warm change from golds and silvers.

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